Our Lady of Immanent Destruction (Lovely Day...)

Lightning storm at night in Loveland, Colorado. 

Image was included in The Center for Fine Art Photography's Night group exhibition juried by Sean Corcoran, Curator of Prints and Photographs at the Museum of the City of New York. See below for images of the exhibition provided by Sunshine Divis. 

Special thanks to John Singletary for printing, Jeffrey Stockbridge for matting and mounting, and Richard Kagan for framing. 


One of the many houses I've lived in. My tiny room, where I could lay across the floor and touch opposite walls became a sanctuary in a town I didn't belong in. Eventually I grew into a new sense of freedom and strength concerning who I was in spite of my deleterious social environment. Shortly after, we moved away. Time and experiences have created a distance. Another lifetime. A dream. This impromptu visit was partly fueled by nostalgia and partly wishing the house, imbued with magic, could fling me back into impervious fortitude. 

Polaroid, ink, transparency paper, clear nail polish.