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Portfolio ShowCase Vol. VII

This 7th volume annual publication by The Center for Fine Art Photography features collections of work from 15 photographers. Juried by Alexa Becker, acquisitions editor for photography and art books at Kehrer Verlag. Includes bios, statements and 12 images from each artist. 132 pages.
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Portfolio ShowCase VII Artists:
Nicole Avey
Randi Beach
Frances F. Denny
Miki Hasegawa
Eileen Keator
Ivana Larrosa
Brenda Lindfors
Erin Malone
Matt Nighswander
Ni Rong
Mark Sawrie
Debora Schwedhelm
Julia Vandenoever
Terri Warpinski
Sandra Chen Weinstein

To purchase a copy of Portfolio ShowCase Vol. VII, visit here.

Cover image: Gilmanton, N.H. by Matt Nighswander
Juror: Alexa Becker
Publisher: The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO.
Editor: Hamidah Glasgow

Project: design and layout, cover design, editing, typography, proofing and working with print vendor.