Amber Jai Nowell


Interactive pdf for Tom Bol Photography workshops includes table of contents, external link popups and comprehensive, interactive index. 

Create Better Photographs

Interactive pdf for Tom Bol Photography workshops. Tom combined a collection of articles, blog posts, and classnotes along with a substantial collection of images to give out to his workshop students. When designing the book, I took into consideration that his students may print the book to have them in the field or bring their tablets along. A button is located in the bottom left of each page for the reader to click back to the table of contents, which is also interactive, leading the reader directly to the chosen chapter with a tap. External hyperlinks open external websites for courses, gear, and to get in touch with Tom. Design elements are orange, sampled from Tom's branding. Text is laid out as cleanly as possible, focusing on legibility and information retainment. The back features a comprehensive index with interactive links going to the pages listed. 
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