Amber Jai Nowell


Interactive pdf for Tom Bol Photography workshops includes table of contents, external link popups and comprehensive, interactive index. 

30 Lessons In Composition

This book was created as a resource for workshop students and photographers who want to learn what elements and techniques make a composition work. Tom uses thirty images in three categories spanning his career as examples; discussing why certain compositions worked, which didn't, and how the latter could have been made better by drawing on the experiences and techniques he's learned through the years. The book contains a plethora of useful information from specialty gear and the technical logistics of shooting in certain conditions to hard earned lessons photographers should be aware of. Every image includes the camera settings and equipment used and an explanation of how the image was taken, how obstacles were dealt with, how he was thinking about the shot, and personal stories about the experience. Tom has created a wonderful resource photographers can return to again and again for inspiration, problem solving, techniques, and sage advice. 

Designed to be downloadable, easy to navigate and accessible on all platforms. It includes a home button on all pages to return back to the interactive table of contents, and working hyperlinks users can click on to visit websites and connect with Tom via email. I created this video to feature the interactivity of the book and showcase the wide variety of information within. The book will soon be available on Tom's website. 

Tom works on assignments and teaches workshops all over the world. He was listed as one of PDN's Top 13 Photo Workshop Instructors in the country and he's on the list of National Geographic Adventure’s “50 of America’s Top Visionaries”. He has courses available on KelbyOne and the author of 'Adventure Sports Photography; Creating Dramatic Images in Wild Places.

30 Lessons in Composition is the 2nd interactive digital book I had work together with Tom on. The first title, The Practical Lighting Handbook, can be found here. 

To learn more about Tom Bol, his work, and his workshops visit:
Tom Bol Photography