My Top 3 Favorite Talks on Creativity

John Cleese talks about getting past creative blocks, the habits that facilitate creativity, the function of the subconscious mind during the creative process, and how psychological blind spots can effect ones ability to asses skill.    

Brené Brown sits down with Chase Jarvis to discuss the roles of fear, shame and vulnerability, how creating work that makes you feel exposed inspires others, the dangers of unexpressed creativity, her reaction of fear and regret that immediately followed delivering her wildly successful TedTalk appearance, who's opinions you should care about, and cultivating a mindset of brazen courage.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, delivers a fascinating talk on the dark side of success, how we can change our relationship with the creative process by adopting perspectives from our ancient predecessors and how this mindset has changed the creative process of Tom Waits, Ruth Stone, and herself.