Amber Jai Nowell

Art & Design

Timelapse Experiments

The majority of my photography over the past several years have been focused on night and low-light. Eventually I wanted to play with timelapse. Below are videos and gifs from timelapse experiments I did with the intention of learning settings and just seeing what I could do with it. I later used a sequence as an excuse to learn a motion graphics technique in After Effects. 

Experiment #1 at Mary's Lake in Estes Park was foiled by fog accumulating on my equipment. 

Experiment #2 playing with basic settings under dark skies while playing with a flashlight. The flashlight is something I intend on using for a future project. 

Experiment #3 taken from night to sunrise with an unfortunate, but somewhat mesmerizing, pocket of clouds materializing then dissapating in the center of the frame.