Amber Jai Nowell

Art & Design


Selected works from a printmaking course I took in 2011. I quickly fell in love with printmaking as a medium and spent a copious amount of time in that room exploring it. I greatly enjoyed the physical demand and messiness of it and hope to someday gather all the equipment and supplies needed to do this in my own space. 

Self, 2011 - abstract self portrait engraving on zinc plate.
Printed on cotton rag. 

Intention, 2011 -  Aquatint and ferric chloride etching on copper. I used scrap roofing material from a local roofing supply company to bring down cost. Printed on cotton rag. 


A Prayer for Japan, 2011 - Aquatint and ferric chloride etching on repurposed copper.
Print displays the Japanese heart sutra prayer. Printed on cotton rag.