Amber Jai Nowell

Art & Design

Burning Man Stickers

This project was for a friend of mine, Courtney, who wanted something amusing to hand out at Burning Man. When I asked to describe the project in his own words, he nonchalantly stated:

“I gifted them to people at Burning Man, sometimes to people who actually sucked and didn’t get the joke. And other times to people who were awesome and loved the snark.”

According to Courtney, the stickers were a big hit with the old school burners. Success.

We used the as the print vendor. They print high quality, heavy-duty vinyl skateboarding stickers that can hold up to the extreme environment of the playa. They were also wonderful to work with and close enough to Courtney that he could drop in and pick up the finished stickers. (To be clear, I am not associated with diecut in any way. But really, check them out.).