Amber Jai Nowell

Art & Design

Burning Man Stickers

This project was for a friend of mine, Courtney, who wanted something amusing to hand out at Burning Man. When I asked to describe the project in his own words, he nonchalantly stated:

“I gifted them to people at Burning Man, sometimes to people who actually sucked and didn’t get the joke. And other times to people who were awesome and loved the snark.”

According to Courtney, the stickers were a big hit with the old school burners. Success.

We used the as the print vendor. They print high quality, heavy-duty vinyl skateboarding stickers that can hold up to the extreme environment of the playa. They were also wonderful to work with and close enough to Courtney that he could drop in and pick up the finished stickers. (To be clear, I am not associated with diecut in any way. But really, check them out.).

Neo Nekyia

Experimental timelapse sequence made from handheld stills taken in NYC and Philadelphia. Audio was taken of coyotes in Estes Park. End title created in Adobe Illustrator. 

Hungry Ghost

Acrylic painting created for the American Legion annual Halloween haunted house in Estes Park, Colorado. Eyes were drilled out so passersby could be watched. 

Condemned to live in dark places amongst the living, the hungry ghost is tormented by desires that can never be fully satisfied. Filled with mania and rage, they seek the desideratum they obsessively pursued while living. 

Photographs were taken and matched to the original. I made it available on select merch at RedBubble

Timelapse Experiments

The majority of my photography over the past several years have been focused on night and low-light. Eventually I wanted to play with timelapse. Below are videos and gifs from timelapse experiments I did with the intention of learning settings and just seeing what I could do with it. I later used a sequence as an excuse to learn a motion graphics technique in After Effects. 

Experiment #1 at Mary's Lake in Estes Park was foiled by fog accumulating on my equipment. 

Experiment #2 playing with basic settings under dark skies while playing with a flashlight. The flashlight is something I intend on using for a future project. 

Experiment #3 taken from night to sunrise with an unfortunate, but somewhat mesmerizing, pocket of clouds materializing then dissapating in the center of the frame. 

Fractal Merch

Several years ago I created a fractal piece using Apophysis and had the idea of recreating it for a large shawl. I reworked the variants and colors using Apophysis 7x, generating a large render and was able to do just that. The fractal is available on multiple items of merchandise and can be found in my store on RedBubble.

Merch images from RedBubble mock-ups.

Denver Hyperlapse

Experimenting with hyperlapse video--route from Bellvue to Denver during sunrise. Audio recorded from radio while driving around in the middle of nowhere a couple years previous. Paired in lieu of P.I.L.'s Careering, which was the perfect fit but well beyond my financial means for something that was meant for fun. 


Night exhibition at C4FAP

My photograph, Our Lady of Imminent Destruction (Lovely Day...) was included in The Center for Fine Art Photography's Night group exhibition juried by Sean Corcoran, Curator of Prints and Photographs at the Museum of the City of New York. See below for images of the exhibition provided by Sunshine Divis

This framed image is currently for sale. Please see contact page for inquiries. 


Special thanks to John Singletary for printing, Jeffrey Stockbridge for matting and mounting, and Richard Kagan for framing. 

Trigger Happy Collage

Originally created for a promotional banner, the project was later cancelled. Images were mainly sourced from the creative commons commercial use category from the Library of Congress. I started by doing digital restoration and adjustments before cutting them out. Vector art I created in Illustrator was then added and manipulated in photoshop. Two versions were created and later I made additional edits to the personal favorite (right). 

Theater of Cruelty: Promotional Photography

Theater of Cruelty was a now defunct comedy variety show named after the work of French playwright, theater director and actor Antonin Artaud (1896 – 1948), in which Artaud aimed at stripping away the security of the audience and expose the uncomfortable and ambiguous reality underneath. 

Performed at the Lyric Cinema Cafe in Fort Collins Colorado, comedians Ryan Nowell and Erik Lindström gathered together talented comedians and performers to create a series of shows which included short films, musical acts, and various forms of experimental comedy that railed against the sycophantic. It was a show for those who appreciate intelligent, authentic, and uncensored humor. The variety show came to an end when performers cut it loose in order to pursue long-held career goals but a tiny part of me holds out hope it will be resurrected in the future. 

Photos were taken at two locations in Fort Collins and edited to match an aesthetic Eric Lindström chose. The headstone image is a nod to Nick (Kick) Holland, local actor, artist, comedian, and original mastermind of the Theater of Cruelty who had stepped down to pursue other interests. 

A side note: despite the suspicious nepotism, this really was an ingenious series of performances. 

And just for the hell of it I created an animated gif.

Heidi Kirkpatrick: Branding

Branding project for Portland based fine art photographer Heidi Kirkpatrick. This project included a logo, wordmark, email signature, letterheads and greeting cards. The logo is based on Heidi's iconic image of her mother's lips, which can be seen on her matchbooks and other promotional material. Heidi wanted to go beyond simply using the image and create an identity. We used her initials along with the image to create a logo and her initials to create a simplified wordmark. Both the logo and the wordmark were used for letterhead designs. We then created a set of two greeting cards; one using the image of her father's shoes, another photograph of her suitcase, which she uses for reviews. The logo was created using a gradient mesh in Adobe Illustrator. Images of letterhead and greeting card provided by Heidi Kirkpatrick.

Synergy and Southern Rockies Seed Network logos

Synergy Ecological Restoration is a Fort Collins based non-profit dedicated to restoring high priority Colorado ecosystems damaged and destroyed by human intervention and natural disasters. Southern Rockies Seed Network is a part of this mission dedicated to providing ecotypic seeds, seeds from a genetically distinct geographic population within a species adapted to specific environmental conditions. The project consisted of one logo for Synergy Ecological Restoration and two logos for Southern Rockies Seed Network; one badge version and one simplified version using a graphic element from within the badge.

Faux Bois Triskelion

Acrylic faux bois (fake wood) on MDF, medium-density fibreboard. Triskelion taken from The Book of Kells, transferred with contact paper. Effect created using multiple layers of acrylic craft paint and gloss gel medium. I created this piece for my grandmother, Elizabeth, who was born in Ayr, Scotland. 

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10 Year at The Center for Fine Art Photography

Program brochures and banner for The Center for Fine Art Photography's 10 Year anniversary. A week of events and workshops with visiting photographers, inviting the community to participate in the education and celebration of fine art photography as a medium. C4|10 logo by Sunshine Divis


Selected works from a printmaking course I took in 2011. I quickly fell in love with printmaking as a medium and spent a copious amount of time in that room exploring it. I greatly enjoyed the physical demand and messiness of it and hope to someday gather all the equipment and supplies needed to do this in my own space. 

Self, 2011 - abstract self portrait engraving on zinc plate.
Printed on cotton rag. 

Intention, 2011 -  Aquatint and ferric chloride etching on copper. I used scrap roofing material from a local roofing supply company to bring down cost. Printed on cotton rag. 


A Prayer for Japan, 2011 - Aquatint and ferric chloride etching on repurposed copper.
Print displays the Japanese heart sutra prayer. Printed on cotton rag. 

Ganesh in Ink

Made for a drawing class, the project required a pattern and an ink drawing of an object. I chose to repeat a design element on the object by first sketching out the object in the center. Then I used contact paper with the patter drawn, then cut out of contact paper and washed with an ink-water mixture. Ganesh was then drawn out using various mixtures of black ink and water using a fine brush, using thin layers of ink to build depth and contrast. Fnd details were added with the same technique and a fine, sharpened bamboo skewer. the final piece measures roughly 22"x30" on cotton rag paper.